Vitruvius Interview

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About 2030 years after writing his book, or rather ten books, under the title 'De Architectura' (on architecture), and for the first time in as many years, Marcus Vitruvius Pollio granted me an exclusive interview. In this short interview Vitruvius tackles the real issues concerning architecture directly and provocatively, re-establishing his powerful vision on architecture. From his concern that the noble profession of the architect is being devaluated and via his confrontational typification of 'the Dutch', Vitruvius lectures about service and (true) leadership. Most importantly, Vitruvius then sets out to straighten us out on the matters of the architect and of architecture, and elaborates on the major distinction between those and 'constructionism' e.g. constructions.

Even though it is to be expected that 'professionals' will read this interview, and form their opinions on it, Vitruvius emphasizes that his message is directed at the leadership within our organizations, our communities and our society as a whole. Please enjoy.

Paul L. Jansen

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  1. On this interview
  2. On the Dutch
  3. On Service
  4. On Leadership
  5. On the Architect
  6. On Architecture
  7. On Constructions
  8. Conclusion

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